Injection Molding Machine
      Vertical Type VI-P(XJ)
         Series for Rubber
      Vertical Type VI-P(WJ2)
         Series for Rubber
      Vertical Type VI-P(SJ)
         Series for Rubber
      Vertical Type Vacuum
         Injection Molding Machine
         for Rubber
      Injection Molding Machine
         of Low Workbench height
      Horizontal Type F-G Series
         for Rubber
      Injection Molding Machine
         for Silicone Rubber
      Injection Molding Machine
         for Thermosetting Plastics
      Injection Molding Machine
         for BMC
    Special Molding Machine
      C frame Type Vertical
         Injection Molding Machine
         for Rubber
      Hybrid Transfer Molding
      Vacuum Press
      Super-sized Injection
         Molding Machine for
         Bladder Molding
      Small-sized Injection
         Molding Machine
         for Rubber
    Testing Machine
      Vibration endurance
         testing machine

[ Injection Mold MachineforRubber ]
Horizontal Type F-G Series Injection Molding Machine for Rubber

In addition to our know-how which has been accumulated through the actual supply of rubber injection molding machines to customers for years, there have been practical improvements including the more simplified structure comparing to the conventional machines, easier maintenance, stable accuracy retainable for a long time and lower noise emission. Furthermore, the introduction of a new control system has made easier and more secure inputting of molding conditions.

Mold Clamping Force
735i75j ` 4900i500j
Injection Volume
500 ` 3000

For other specifications we are ready to satisfy customersf specific requirements.