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[ Vertical Type Vacuum Injection Molding Machine for Rubber ]
Vertical Type Vacuum Injection Molding Machine for Rubber

Clamping Force KN (Ton) 1960 (200)
Injection volume cm3 1500
Total Height mm 4217
Total Width mm 1811
Total Depth mm 3247
Daylight mm 600
Stroke mm 400
Heating Platen Diameter mm 650 x 650
Work Height mm 897
Feature 1 Reduction of fraction defective
Vacuuming the area around the mold significantly reduces molding defects caused by air.
* Allows vacuum molding with molds not specifically engineered for vacuum molding.

Feature 2 Low workbench height
The workbench height is 101 mm lower than with our previous model, eliminating the need to set up another workbench and thereby improving work safety.

Feature 3 Saves space
The reduced dimensions maximize productivity from limited factory floorspace.

Feature 4 Energy efficient
The rotation control pump featuring an IPM motor and the high effectiveness insulation plate significantly reduce power consumption. While actual power savings will vary with molding conditions, power consumption is typically 30% lower than with our previous V(S2) model.

Feature 5 Reduced molding cycle times
The reduced space inside the vacuum frame decreases the time required to achieve a vacuum, thereby shortening molding cycle times.

Feature 6 Improved maintenance efficiency
Raising the vacuum frame opens up the machine, just like a vertical type injection molding machine, dramatically improving maintenance efficiency for wiring/piping work around the mold.
The design also minimizes accumulations of rubber burrs that can cause machine problems and makes the machine easy to clean.