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  [ Injection Molding Machine for Rubber ]
Vertical Type Injection Molding Machine for Rubber XJ-Series

The workbench height of XJ-Series is very low and it was most interested in by customers' requirement.
The low workbench height makes it possible to improve the workability and safety of workers.
And also XJ is able to contribute to be space saving in factory because total height and width of XJ is lower and narrower.
As for energy saving, XJ is much improved by adopting an idle-speed control pump with inverter motor drive and a heat insulation board.
Matsuda boasts about XJ in the point of excellent features and functionalities as above.
XJ is an excellent cost-effective machine for you and Matsuda can provide XJ to all customers by reasonable price.

Clamping Force KN (Ton) 1960 (200)
Injection Capacity cm3 1500
Total Height mm 4187
Total Width mm 1100
Total Depth mm 2862
Daylight mm 600
Stroke mm 400
Heating PlatenDiameter mm 600 x 600
Work Height mm 867
Feature 1 Low workbench height
The workbench height is 185 mm lower than with our previous model, eliminating the need to set up another workbench and thereby boosting safety and work efficiency.
<Workbench height>
  Previous model:1,052mm -> XJ:867mm

Feature 2 Saves space
The dramatically reduced machine dimensions maximize productivity from limited factory floorspace.
<Total Height>
  Previous model:4,567mm -> XJ:4,187mm
<Total Width>
  Previous model:1,425mm -> XJ:1,100mm

Feature 3 Energy efficient
The rotation control pump featuring an inverter motor and the high effectivenessinsulation plate significantly reduce power consumption.
While actual power savings will vary with molding conditions, power consumption is typically approximately 30% lower than in our previous model (WJ).

Feature 4 Quiet operating sound
The rotation control pump features reduced pump motor driving noise to help improve the factory work environment.

Feature 5 Reduced molding cycle times
The smooth motion of the moving parts helps reduce molding cycle times.

Feature 6 Improved distribution of molding stress
We optimized the rigidity of each structural part based on analysis of contact pressures on mold mating surfaces by CAE, resulting in more uniform pressure distribution compared to previous models and helping to reduce burrs and enhance precision.